Boston – America Strong: A Personal Message from Semper

Every week, you receive an email announcing new advances in our website or highlighting members of our exceptional team looking for a new role.

But this week is a little different for us.

This week is the one year anniversary of the 117th Boston Marathon, which ended in tragedy when two pressure cooker bombs interrupted what should be a celebration of strength, competition and the best of the human spirit.

Perhaps because our office sits 100 yards from the finish line, the Boston Marathon has always held a special place in Semper’s heart. From our Boylston Street windows, Marathon Monday is usually a fun day of tracking elite racers and weekend warriors alike dive for the line and stagger through Copley Square.

Clearly, last year changed that a bit. But more than the horror, what stands out to us are the people who immediately threw themselves into the cauldron to help. They proved that day that even amid the most appalling circumstances, there are people who still run into fire.

To celebrate that spirit of humanity, we have made an additional donation to the One Fund in Boston.

Today we will observe a moment of silence in memory of those who stood by us to the finish, and those we lost that day.

Best Regards,
David Regan, C.E.O. and Brian Regan, President

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