Are your contract workers going to cost you tax penalties?

Buying or Renting New Talent: The Pitfalls of 1099 Employment
The increase in contract workers in the US – 53.7 million people at last count – means that companies are entering different kinds of relationships with people working for them.

The challenge: Navigating this change in the market can be tricky, confusing - and if not documented properly, very costly. Our eBook was written to provide you clear guidance on 1099 employment so you can effectively provide for those related to your business.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a 1099 worker and a salaried employee
  • How to mitigate the risks of improper worker classification
  • what the IRS looks for when determining employee status

P.S. If you need to have a qualified professional provide further guidance, contact us today!

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