What Drives Millennials to Consume the Print Medium?

Print pieces and the millennial generation aren't two things that seem to go together.

However, 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail campaigns. At Print 17, the surprising millennial attraction to the print medium was a key topic.

Doris Brown-McNally, Worldwide Brands Innovation Manager, and Jacob Shamis, Americas Brands Innovation Manager, HP. Inc. broke down four top trends to consider when engaging a millennial audience:

  • Add personalization to your printed pieces. Millennials are used to email campaigns, computer software and smart devices addressing them by name. Join in on the personalization movement.
  • Get them involved in creating content around your brand and the printed product. For example, encourage your customers to share the mail piece they received on social media while tagging your company and using a customized hashtag.
  • Show that sales margins aren't all that matter and your company is also cause-driven. Is there a charitable cause or industry initiative you can tie to your product or marketing campaigns? Consider showing off your recycled products or contribution to a technical school scholarship fund.
  • Start working on your interactive print products. Millennials are early adopters of new technology and interactive print is a medium poised to capture their attention. What is your interactive print plan?

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