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Capitalize on a New Talent Pipeline in 2015

This article by Semper International president Brian Regan first appeared in the January 2015 edition of  PIA: The Magazine. In the dawn of 2015 the skilled labor landscape is looking more and more like a scene from The Disappeared. Everyone, from trade organizations to Forbes magazine is decrying the lack of skilled tradesmen. The lack…
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A Question Raised: Youth Jobs

Just yesterday a protest march happened right outside our headquarters asking for governmental support of youth summer jobs (See the video below). [video width="960" height="540" m4v=""][/video] Studies show that the under 25 age group has a high unemployment rate of over 20% (source). In some respects the issue is matching these youth’s experience and skill…
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Introducing Techcreative: Print’s Next Evolution

Do you know what critical skills your team needs to drive margin amid new technology and rapid innovation? At Semper, we believe a new economy demands a new kind of employee: the Techcreative. Techcreatives are the ones who can take creative concepts and shepherd those ideas into reality. PIA Magazine has just released a feature…
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