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Most Readers Still Prefer a Printed Book

Even with Facebook, Netflix and other digital distractions increasingly vying for time, Americans’ appetite for reading books — the ones you actually hold in your hands — has not slowed in recent years... Read more here.
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WNYC Radio: Print is Back, Back Again

WNYC's On the Media dedicated a full hour of programming on August 19th to explain why the Printing and Publishing Industries are back. Listen to their show below. A special hour on the publishing industry and the resurgence of print--from Amazon’s flirtation with brick-and-mortar bookstores to the success of wholesale suppliers shilling books by the foot…
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Think Print is Dead? Think Again.

For the past decade plus, we have heard how print is a dying form and digital will prevail. With the digital space being over-saturated, more people actually seeing the value a printed item has. Read more here.
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