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How Can We Get More Women to Join the Print Industry?

The recent one-year anniversary of the record-breaking women's march got us thinking about the status women in the print industry. At a time when the industry needs skilled talent, how can we get more women working in print? Watch the short video below for more! Do you need help staffing your print or premedia operation?…
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Can You Be Flexible When Hiring?

  The reality is, there are more job openings than there are skilled and qualified candidates. This is a fact confronting the print industry as well as many other industries. It might be time to try something different. Watch the video below for more!
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2nd Quarter Industry Insight Survey 2014

We scoured the data looking to shed light on whether we are looking at a turning of the economic tide. Reading all the responses from over 300 business owners, it looks like the industry at large expects to see several steady quarters of growth interrupted with mini slowdowns in demand, as buyers continue to feel…
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