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Can You Be Flexible When Hiring?

  The reality is, there are more job openings than there are skilled and qualified candidates. This is a fact confronting the print industry as well as many other industries. It might be time to try something different. Watch the video below for more!
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Are Robots an Integral Part of Business Growth in America?

Robots and automation have started making workplaces more efficient and productive. In print, we see this with the digital process. Recently, Cognizant published a report where 2000 global executives gave their opinions on robots, automation and how they will impact business. How big of an impact will robots and automation make for business by 2025?…
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Q3 2017 Print Industry Insight Report

This year has been very interesting for those of us in the print, graphics and creative services industry. As the stock market continues to set records, some of us are feeling things tighten on Main Street. Our latest quarterly report has firsthand observations from business leaders in the industry. Get it now!
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